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Southern California’s Premiere Home Buyer

Founded by Craft & Bauer Estate Agent, Sarkis Ter-Minasyan, Title Homes has been buying houses for over 15 years and have been helping sellers exclusively in Southern California for the better part of a decade. In that time we’ve built knowledge-base when it comes to buying homes and transforming them for future families.

We are fortunate to say that Los Angeles is our home and we pride ourselves on rejuvenating and uplifting the city one property at a time.

How we can help:

  • Pay cash for houses in any condition
  • Buy properties As-Is, no repairs necessary
  • Close quickly and/or flexibly if desired
  • Give sellers the ability to leave behind any unwanted personal belongings
  • Practice ethics and integrity to create smooth transactions and happy sellers

Sarkis Ter-Minasyan

DRE# 02062179


Favorite Areas in Los Angeles: Skylounge, 71Above

Favorite Quote: God will never take me to, what he can’t take me through.

Passions: My Family, Real Estate, Film, & Basketball

Life Motto: All things are possible through hard work and consistency. Be thankful for every waking opportunity.


Sarkis is an Estate Agent with Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co. and a Real Estate Investor / owner of a redevelopment company called Title Homes LLC. Sarkis prides himself in getting the job done, and his client-first philosophy – “The client’s needs always come first. As a real estate agent, my goal is to guide, advise and protect my client’s best interests” he says.

Sarkis is passionate about the Los Angeles market and feels that LA is where you want to be. Sarkis’s favorite part of the buying and selling process is structuring the deal. To him, there is no better feeling than finding the right property and negotiating for the best interest of his client. Sarkis is also a developer and investor himself, his first redevelopment project broke records for price per square foot in the area. With a background in film, Sarkis co-founded a creative agency specializing in content creation and branding for musicians. Throughout his career, he directed numerous visuals for various artists in the industry and won some awards along the way. He still enjoys directing music videos. As a real estate investor, he sees the parallel with real estate development and the filmmaking process. As Sarkis puts it – “It can be broken down into 3 phases. Phase 1: Pre-Production – the ‘scope of work’ is analogous to a film’s script. Phase 2: Production – also known as ‘construction’. And, Phase 3: Post Production – where everything comes together in ‘escrow’.” Throughout Sarkis’s career, he has always embraced challenges. He feels there is a solution to every problem.


Sarkis’s greatest life achievement has been his beautiful family. He says his wife Lilit is the ideal teammate and she has given him the greatest gift with the birth of his daughter Leah. He cherishes every moment he gets to spend with his family. A cause close to Sarkis’s heart is the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide. He would like to see this issue of humanity resolved in his lifetime. In his leisure, if he’s not directing, Sarkis picks up a basketball. Sports have been a big part of his life and his love for the game of basketball has built the foundation for his competitive spirit.

Lilit Ghalumian Ter-Minasyan

DRE# 02096505


Favorite Areas in Los Angeles: Griffith Observatory, The Getty Villa

Favorite Quote:  Mark 11:24

Passions: Family, Dance, Travel.

Life Motto: Be grateful for everything and keep in mind, hard work beats talent when talent isn’t working hard.


Lilit is a serial entrepreneur who has a love for all things business and training related. An alumni of the University of California Irvine, she launched her own marketing firm and managed an office of 35 employees on payroll, along with training hundreds of Marketing Specialists in the business. Utilizing her network of coaches and mentors, she was contracted with big box retailers like Costcos and Sam’s Clubs in the Los Angeles market, creating unique opportunities that her clients had always wished for. Her background in owning and managing the firm has given her a skill set and experience in client relations, strategic planning, marketing and business management.

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